#10: Lunar Lander, Presidential Alert, Brett Kavanaugh, Chinese Conspiracies


  • Lockheed Martin announced a Lunar Lander prototype that will allow astronauts to remain on the moon for up to 2 weeks.
  • Over 225 million cell phone users received a “Presidential Alert” notification. Though the alert was actually sent by FEMA, many users were under the impression they were being messaged by Donald Trump himself.
  • Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in to the supreme court after a close vote. In an act of protest, Amy Schumar was arrested.
  • Celebrities and CEO’s alike have mysteriously gone missing for several weeks in China over the past couple of years. Upon return, these people have owed some sort of money to the government in the form of tax evasion or something like that. Finally, we discuss China’s Social Credit system – a real-life “Black Mirror” scenario.

Articles referenced in the video:
Amy Schumer arrested: https://cnn.it/2RswEtW
Chinese CEOs missing: https://ind.pn/2y77okT
China’s Social Credit System: https://nyp.st/2QCdsst

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