#44: The Projared Sub Count is dwindling…fast. He’s been caught up in quite the scandal! Heidi, his ex-wife, has accused him of cheating on her with their mutual friend Holly. I can’t remember seeing a sub count fall quicker than this! He’s lost over 150k+ subscribers in less than 2 days!! What’s next for ProJared? Let us know what you think about this ProJared scandal.

#43: The Mandela Effect is the phenomenon where a mass group of people may remember something a certain way, only to find out that in reality it’s something different. People remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 80’s. They even remember viewing the funeral on television. Another common one is the spelling of Berenstain Bears. It’s believed that if you remember events a certain way that a different now, you have drifted into a parallel universe with an alternate history.

#42: Is this the greatest Marvel movie ever made? Can you think of a more epic conclusion? This review has SPOILERS so if you haven’t seen Avengers Endgame yet, you’ve been warned! Avengers Endgame was an amazing conclusion to the greatest super hero franchise of all time. With that said, it wasn’t perfect. We talk about the good, the bad, the corny, the awesome – all of it!

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